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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Aikido Seminar - Day three

Here we are - the heroic figures of the Iwama Ryu North West Aikido Club with Saito Sensei. I don't usually bother so much with these training photos - they all look the same eventually but this is us, with him, the head honcho and despite a few bruises and minor sprains we've survived the three days!

I missed the first session as I was coming back from Bridgwater with my knee still twinging and was told that the course meal the night before had gone on until past three so everyone was tired, hungover and taking it easy. Reassured, I joined the second session - being thrown about with Jo staff. No one seemed to be tired, hungover or taking it easy at all. I tried to avoid looking at the clock, reminding myself that this was a great opportunity to learn something important. Then the big Russian sensei beside me nodded at the clock, grinned, and said 'Only 30 minutes'.

Not just me then.

I seem to have pulled something in my neck as well as the knee but everything is still working.

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