“It is particularly ironic that the battle to save the world's remaining healthy ecosystems will be won or lost not in tropical forests or coral reefs that are threatened but on the streets of the most unnatural landscapes on the planet.”- Worldwatch Institute. 2007

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday Morning

So the tall ships, although beautiful, turned out to be a rather sedate affair. The hotel reception shuts early on a Saturday (???) so the newbike was securely locked in the bicyle shed. I walked up to Skive instead and found the 'Potten' bar - next to the old town hall - it used to be the town toilets, hence the name, and is long and thin with about a hundred chamber pots hanging from the rafters, including one behind the bar with Hitler's face at the bottom. I meet the mechanics from Friday night and a few locals including some school teachers who re-inforce what I've been told about people insulating their houses and everyone generally being more aware of energy over here. But then I also meet some lairy drunk lads who do the 'Wha??! Wha? arrrgh that's a load of bollocks, feckin hippies' thing which I've seen a thousand time in the UK. If they have the Sport over here, I know they read it. There's a good guitarist though with a nice voice doing covers. I get up and dance, despite being the only one. Down the road The 'John Bull English pub' lives up to it's name so I come back to the harbour.
Today there's still some wind but the sun is shining from a blue sky and I'm cycling to Viborg for my first ever couchsurf.

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