“It is particularly ironic that the battle to save the world's remaining healthy ecosystems will be won or lost not in tropical forests or coral reefs that are threatened but on the streets of the most unnatural landscapes on the planet.”- Worldwatch Institute. 2007

Sunday, 12 September 2010

St Pancras YH

Made it - and they did have beds left. Cycled from paddinton and was a bit wide-eyed and wired when I got here but didn't have anyone try very hard to kill me and was not in tears which is a first for me cycling in London. Saw a load of Boris's bikes on the back of a trailer - being moved to more popular pick-up points presumably. The pot holes and ridges in the tarmac were truely bad - worse than Manchester and much much worse than Bristol.
Note to self - just because the newbikes bag has room for the locks, and pannier rack and quite a lot of other random bits and pieces that's no reason to put them, in there - it makes it really heavy.
Right - bed.

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