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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bath, beginnings and the first mistake

Careered down the hill from the University (I swear it has doubled in length and height today) and mooched through Bath. It's as I remember but a bit tidier. The Bell'Aria girls who were singing opera outside the pumphouse have been replaced with a guy in a colourful rug playing some wood windy things which are very whistly so I keep moving until I find a bar with nice food and WiFi so I can update this and put some photos on Flickr.
So here I am, at the start of my trip proper, sorting through my pile of tickets and hostel bookings to double check exactly where I'm staying tonight. I can't seem to find it. I think St.Pauls YH but no, that's for the 9th October when I get back. Damn! I go through my e-receipts but it's not there, and my emails and similarly draw a blank. I've got hostels or hotels or couches to surf for about half of the journey and prioritised the first few, of course, because that would be when I'd need it all sorted out, especially when I have to be at St.Pancras at 7am tomorrow morning for the Eurostar.
My train doesn't leave Bath until quarter to 8 so it will be nearly 10 when I get to London.
I don't think I've booked one. I think I thought about it and then didn't.
The website tells me I have to phone if it's after 5pm on the day I want to book.
The phoneline tells me no-ones there but that they'll phone me back if I leave a message (within the next 24 hours)
But they have a 24 hour reception and 184 beds. They must have one of those free.
So that will be fine then.
No problem

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